SELVEDGE DENIM (and why it doesn't matter)


Selvedge denim is all the rage. Pop in to any hip mens fashion boutique and you'll find some bearded gentleman with a cuff in his jeans, and on that cuff you'll see a fancy little edge (similar to the picture shown.) That fancy edge, my friends, is what defines those jeans as "sevledge". The term literally means "self edge".

Here's the deal: Every large roll of denim fabric has a small seam on the two outer edges. That seam (the self-edge) is what selvedge jeans like these are cut from. There is literally nothing else that is special about selvedge jeans! Now there is much that could be discussed about "types" of selvedge (i.e. Japanese selvedge and whatnot) but at the end of the day, there is nothing inherently different or special about the denim itself just because it's selvedge. It doesn't possess any special sauce, it's not more durable or long-lasting than any other denim per-se, or anything else. It's simply cut from the edge of the roll!

While having a nice clean seam on that cuff of your jeans is a lovely detail, and while I'm normally a details kind of guy, I'll be brutally honest: it's not worth it. Save paying nearly twice as much for that specific seam, and instead just focus on the cut of the jeans themselves. Your jeans will do a lot more for you if they fit right than they will if they have a tiny seam at the bottom.