How to pick the right boots for YOU


Clothes might make the man, but shoes are the foundation of it all. By that, I mean -- It amazes me how often someone will spend high dollar on their clothing, and then you glance down and it looks like they have stuffed their feet into a couple lumpy potatoes of shoes. Fellas, ask any woman and they'll tell you that shoes are a big deal. The trick is not just finding a pair of shoes that are in vogue, it's finding the shoes that are right for YOUR aesthetic and your silhouette. 

I'm 5'8 and I wear skinny cut jeans. (Levi's 510 or Gap skinny fit).  I have found that the wrong shoe can make me look like a show pony with big cloppy hooves instead of a shoe that compliments the silhouette that is created by my cut of jeans. My boots were out of balance with the narrow lines created by my jeans, and that's why they looked clumsy and bulky. I discovered that Cole Haan's shoes and boots had a good balance of enough substance and a low-profile toe that made more sense with my jeans. Shortly thereafter I found my spirit-boot in the Justin Roper. In my previous post I mentioned how I stumbled upon them and realized the accomplished the same silhouette created by Cole Haan boots, but were unique and not everyone could hop into a DSW and buy a pair. And the rest is history.

So here are two recommendations on how to pair a shoe or boot with the silhouette of your jeans:

1 - The sole/heel of your shoe should be roughly the same width as the cuff or bottom of your jeans, or the same width as your jeans in general from mid-calf down. This creates balance and symmetry, and prevents your feet from either looking too small because they're being swallowed up by your jeans, or like show pony hooves because they dominate the space too much.

2 - The toe and overall height of the shoe/boot should be in proportion with the length of your jeans/pants, and particularly how the pant interacts with them. The jean/pant should either have no break at all, one break, or be cut or rolled so that they don't even have opportunity to break. I opt for the third option, because I just like how it looks. :)

Agree? Disagree? Post a comment below and let me know. :)