A painfully simple way to style an outfit that’ll help you not sweat your face off.

So I’m one of those fellas that really doesn’t like wearing shorts. I have a few air that I will wear when the occasion calls for it, but by and large, I’d rather wear jeans/pants. This poses a unique challenge when those waves of summer heat are rolling through. Here’s my approach to keeping your vibe without sweating your face off.



Take the same pair of jeans you always love and give them a couple extra rolls. Let those ankles breathe! I know it might seem simple, but that little bit of airflow can make a world of difference.


Summer heat is best combated with as few and thin of layers as possible. So socks of any substance more than an ankle sock is asking for trapped heat against your skin! I prefer an oxford over tennis shoes simply because they instantly class up your look. 90% of guys out there will be in sneakers or sandals. This shoe alternative creates some distinction and instantly elevates your look. And fellas - ask nearly any lady and they’ll tell you that shoes actually do matter!


No matter what kind of shirt — tee or buttons, give those sleeves a couple rolls! I’ve said this before in a separate post… but I’ll say it again. This creates a “finished” look with literally any shirt. If you’re in a button-down shirt, open it up a bit more… leave one or two of those babies unbuttoned. That extra airflow is a literal game changer, and it gives you a more effervescent and carefree look.

No matter the outfit… khakis or jeans… tee shirt or button down. No matter the environment… a local watering hole or a special event. This look transcends it all, and is a foolproof way to add simple and tasteful style to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

Cheers, dear ones. Let’s keep it cool this summer!


Summer clothes used to be my least favorite. Perhaps it's because I'm an Oregon boy and I've never been huge on summer in general, or perhaps it's because I love layers... but whatever the reason, figuring out how to dress for summer has historically posed a challenge for me, particularly when it's come to shirts. If I had to guess, I'd assume I'm not the only one who's had this struggle! But after a little time, trial and error, and moments of epiphany, I'll share what I've learned so that perhaps you gents can avoid those same struggles!


I know it's been said before but, for the love... the way something is cut makes a huge difference! Find a shirt that's close to the right fit, then, if needed, get it tailored just a bit.  Proper fit means the shoulder seam should land right on the ball (bend) of your shoulder, and the sides should mirror your natural silhouette without being too baggy or too tight. The length is determined by whether you plan to tuck it in, or leave it untucked. If you plan to leave it untucked, the length should hit just below the belt buckle.



If it fits right, you're already a step ahead. Congrats! But this second step is what will set your vibe apart: don't just wear it, STYLE IT. Seven years ago I was at a thrift store outside of Portland Oregon (insert hipster jokes here) and I found this gem of a button-up shirt for $2. It's a basic, unsuspecting lil' striped fella that you can pair with literally anything. It can be worn casually with jeans or shorts, or dressed under a blazer. When worn as-is, the shirt is just okay. But with a little imagination, it takes on a life of it's own. Here's the "why" behind each styling point. -- Tucking it in accomplishes two things. It compensates for the shirt being otherwise a bit too long, and it creates a finished, "on-purpose" look. I often unbutton the top two buttons. This allows the shirt to flow and look less restricted and thus more effortless, while also expanding the chest portion and giving you a more "V" shaped silhouette from chest to hips. I often roll the sleeves. This is a quick fix for sleeves that are otherwise too bulky or long, and gives any short-sleeved shirt a more finished appearance. If you roll it right to the line where your shoulder muscle meets your bicep, it creates the appearance of more arm definition!


The final step is this: just DO IT. (re: Shia Labeouf motivational clip) Don't take yourself too seriously, but also be confident! Don't get scared! Be willing to push yourself one step outside of that conventional safe zone.

Summer is coming fast, so get up, and get ready. There is style to be had, fellas. Have additional thoughts to add to the conversation? Leave a comment below!