The devil’s in the details. And as I mentioned in “From the Ground Up”, the right boot is a key to tying a look together! So several months ago when I was approached by Idrese — A Spanish factory-direct shoe company that prides themselves on having an unbeatable price for boots that are fully customizable, I was ecstatic. I’m an evangelist for a boot that is versatile and fits in any situation, dressed up or down. So here’s what I love about them:

  • They’re hand-made in Spain using Italian leather. That’s right. Tell your friends casually at dinner that you’re wearing that. They’ll automatically think you paid $600 but you actually paid less than half.

  • Dainite British welted sole. This is a replaceable sole that is durable, long lasting, and visually adds just enough to make the boot look look substantial while still being clean.

  • Metal shank and cork bed sole. These are structural features inside the boot that give them added support, a comfy feel, and makes them long-lasting.

  • They look great. Like seriously - I wore them to Fashion week last week and had more than one person ask me about them. At Fashion week. That means something.

Enough with the details. Here’s a peek!… and you can CLICK HERE to scoop up a pair for yourself.